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Oxo’s Airtight Containers Are the Key to an Organized Kitchen — and They’re on Sale

Oxo’s Airtight Containers Are the Key to an Organized Kitchen — and They’re on Sale

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Tons of shoppers are already eyeing them.

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There’s nothing quite as aesthetically pleasing as a shelf full of perfectly arranged pastas and herbs. But to get an organized kitchen that even Marie Kondo would approve of, you’ll need great containers. These sets are the key to a well-ordered pantry, and one of the most trusted names in the category is Oxo.

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If you’re a newcomer to the world of kitchen organization and completely overwhelmed, though, Oxo’s 10-piece set is a good place to start. It includes four small containers that are perfect for nuts, grains, and other small ingredients; three medium-sized units ideal for storing sugar or flour; and three large containers that will hold space-consuming essentials like cereal, rice, and pasta. Their stainless-steel lids form an airtight seal at the push of a button, so there’s no risk of unwanted moisture sneaking into your ground coffee or tortilla chips.

However, big families might prefer the 20-piece set instead, which is also stackable and airtight (albeit without the vacuum push-button). The containers are designed with fill lines that tell you exactly how much sugar or coffee you have left, and their curved corners make pouring ingredients out super easy. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe, so cleaning them is as simple as toss and go.

Lastly, Oxo’s compact 5-piece set is perfect for kitchens with limited space as well as organization lovers who just need a couple more containers to complete their pantry. It’s the perfect addition for the minimalist-kitchen fan, but you better hurry if you want it. The number of shoppers eyeing it (alongside the two other Oxo sets) is already growing by the minute, according to Nordstrom’s “people are viewing” feature.

Kitchen Storage and Organization Essentials That Keep Us Sane

Over the last year, Serious Eats HQ has been adjusting to a move from our modest digs in Chinatown to an expansive new space in Brooklyn's Sunset Park. There have been hitches here and there, but most of our problems are the good kind of problems. Like, for instance, our need to fully stock and organize not one but two brand new kitchens (hopefully we'll be giving you a virtual tour early next year!).

Now, we've written at length about how to stock a kitchen, from equipment recommendations to pantry essentials and ingredient guides. And we've addressed particular storage issues, like the best way to organize your spices or set up your fridge. But as we've added more and more containers, shelving units, and utensil crocks to our office kitchens, we realized that we've never broken down our preferred organizational tools and storage equipment for our readers.

Happily, most of the solutions we've settled on for our office kitchen are equally appropriate to a home kitchen. And because many of these items are designed for, or take inspiration from, restaurant kitchens, you might just be surprised by how efficient and affordable they are. Here's a look at the essentials.

Less waste and more taste with food containers

Just right for prepping your lunches for the week or storing today’s leftovers, the IKEA range of food containers is designed to seal in taste so you can enjoy your food for days to come and save time and money too.

3. Store Items by Frequency of Use

Each shelf in your cabinet should mimic a stoplight: green, yellow, red. The bottom (green) is for the everyday things you reach for constantly, like cereal bowls and plates the middle shelves (yellow) are for items you use less often, like mixing bowls the top shelf (red) is reserved for the specialty pieces you only need once in a while (we&rsquore looking at you, ceramic cake stand). Follow this stoplight method for each of your cabinets and you&rsquoll be not only organized but extremely efficient.

Organize your food storage

Organization is the key to an efficient kitchen. You want to keep a place for each thing and keep each thing in its place. You also want to be able to keep track of your stock quickly and easily, so you always know when to plan a refill.

With some nice see-through glass or plastic containers, you can have your complete stock in view. And keeping dry foods like legumes, grains, and spices adds a homely, rustic feeling to your kitchen.

When not in use, many of our food storage containers can cleverly be stacked inside one another to save space. So, when they&rsquore not storing food, they can be storing themselves!

Aside from food storage, we also offer plenty of clever kitchen wall storage and kitchen pantry storage solutions to help you remain in control of your stuff.

Khloé Kardashian Uses These Food Containers to Organize Her Pantry — and They’re Dirt Cheap Right Now

If you’ve been putting off organizing your pantry, here’s a reason to finally stop procrastinating: The OXO Good Grips Pop Containers are on sale.

Starting as low as $8, a majority of the super popular storage containers are up to 25 percent off — that means the brand’s most expensive one is just $15 right now. Known for having airtight lids that feature a button you push to open and close them, the sleek containers have even been spotted in Khloé Kardashian’s hyper-organized pantry. The reality star uses all shapes and sizes to store snacks, nuts, cereal, and more (she’s especially fond of their POP jars and cereal dispensers).

Other than the Kardashian stamp of approval, the containers are also loved by Amazon shoppers. Over 2,600 customers have left the OXO Good Grips POP Containers five-star reviews on the site, raving about how they keep everything from their coffee to bread incredibly fresh.

Buy It! OXO Good Grips 3 Piece Pop Container Set with Scoop, $34.39 (Prime Day Lightning Deal) (orig. $42.95)

“These containers are wonderful. I use mostly the four quart ones for storing all my flours. They hold five pounds just perfect and keep the flour FRESH for months! I also store my sugar. The top is wide enough to easily get your measuring cup in. They keep my cupboards so organized,” one customer wrote. “I use them when I make clothespin cookie shells — they can be stored for weeks in these and are just as crisp and fresh as the day I baked them. I highly recommend these!”

The best part? The sale is going on until the end of the month, so you have plenty of time to shop the deals. But with all the Prime Day frenzy, we definitely recommend adding them to your cart sooner than later, just in case your favorites go out of stock soon.

Meet the Experts

How We Tested

To select these 34 top-performing products for our first Good Housekeeping Storage Awards, our experts sorted, stacked and sifted through over 140 submissions from the world of organizing products to assess performance, durability, flexibility, versatility, ease of use, aesthetics, size and other criteria. We looked at organizers both big and small &mdash for closets, garages, home office, kids&rsquo supplies and artwork, shoes and accessories, photos, travel, kitchen supplies and food storage and beyond. With over 60 combined years of testing experience in the Good Housekeeping Institute and organizing know-how, you can trust that we can spot a great organizer when we see it!

Super-Streamlined Kitchen

Stop struggling to see what&rsquos way in the back of your pantry. At 10 or 15 inches wide, Copco&rsquos tiered stand gives cans, bottles and spices a lift so everything on a shelf is easy to spot and grab.

LAB RESULTS: Nonslip treads help items stay securely in place. And it&rsquos a cinch to wipe clean.

Our judges loved this space-saving Joseph Joseph stack of nesting cooking essentials. The set includes a large bowl, a small bowl, a colander, a sieve, measuring cups and a tablespoon, and it comes in different colors.

LAB RESULTS: Every piece was designed for maximum usefulness, and the set won&rsquot hog storage space. In tests, the mixing bowl handles doubled as pouring spouts.

Sheet pans, trays and lids can make organizing bakeware and cookware a real challenge. With YouCopia&rsquos adaptable rack, you place the wire dividers where you need them.

LAB RESULTS: Its slim frame is sturdy, and the nonslip feet keep it in place when you remove or replace items.

These attractive, durable baskets from The Container Store are perfect in the pantry or pretty on the counter for holding fruit, veggies, snacks and more.

LAB RESULTS: The large openings make the contents grabbable without unstacking, and the bins can be used all around the home.

Fridge All-Stars

YouCopia&rsquos turntable keeps sauces, snacks and fridge and pantry items within reach. Or use it under a bathroom sink for toiletries or on a desk for supplies.

LAB RESULTS: Its removable nonslip mat and its rim keep everything in place as it turns, and at 11 inches wide, it holds a lot.

Clear bins are an organizing must-have, and this Copco one is a winner. Use it in &mdash or on top of &mdashthe fridge, in a pantry, in a closet or wherever you need order.

LAB RESULTS: Seeing inside it is effortless a nonslip mat adds stability handles make it grabbable.

At only six inches wide, YouCopia&rsquos wheeled caddy brings items from the back of the fridge (or in deep, narrow cabinets) front and center.

LAB RESULTS: The adjustable dividers keep things organized and in place. There are handles for lifting the entire container and non-slip feet up front for stability.

Smart & Sustainable Food Fixers

Nothing beats glass for food storage, but these gems from Rubbermaid do more. Airtight clear lids make stacking simple, and they eliminate messy leaks. Plus, they&rsquore microwave-safe&thinsp&mdash&thinspjust lift the latches to expose the vents.

LAB RESULTS: Their modular design makes organizing the fridge or freezer a breeze.

These are the clear space savers that started the pop-top canister craze. OXO has sizes to hold everything from cereal to snacks, beans, pasta and more. And they can be configured to fit any space on a pantry shelf. Buy them in sets or as single units.

LAB RESULTS: The no-twist push-button lid creates an airtight seal when you press it down just pop it up to open. We love that you can attach a scoop underneath the lid&thinsp&mdash&thinspno more digging into the sugar to find the scoop!

Storing pet food in an airtight resealable container not only helps it last longer but also keeps insects and other critters out. Iris&rsquos BPA-free combo includes 12- and 33-quart containers and a two-cup scoop.

LAB RESULTS: The large bin holds about 25 lbs of food and is on wheels, so it&rsquos maneuverable, and the locking lids prevent spills.

Zyliss&rsquos see-through containers have unique twist-locking lids for an airtight seal. They&rsquore stackable and neat to tote, and their rounded edges ensure mess-free pouring.

LAB RESULTS: They are dishwasher-safe. In tests, they stayed well-sealed and were fast to clean.

These machine-washable Lotus bags (including a hand-washable insulated cooler bag) attach together and hang like file folders in your cart. They keep your haul sorted while you shop and check out, then roll neatly to be tucked into your car trunk.

LAB RESULTS: Each durable bag has pockets, holds more than most reusable bags and helps eliminate plastic and paper grocery bags. They can even be used without rods for a picnic or a day at the beach.

Who needs a lid? Stasher&rsquos easy-to-clean, reusable silicone bag stands up while you fill it, and seals with just a pinch. It's especially good for keeping cleaned salad greens and herbs fresh.

LAB RESULTS: Airtight, leak-free (if sealed correctly) and microwave-safe, it also comes in smaller sizes.

Wow-Worthy Closet Tools

Twenty-six see-through mesh compartments in Target&rsquos hanging organizer keep shoes (even larger sizes) paired and off the floor. Or, use it for storing scarves, knit hats, gloves, clutch purses and more.

LAB RESULTS: Hanging the unit and filling the pockets is so straightforward, you&rsquoll want one in every bedroom.

Mount this ClosetMaid rack on a wall or hang it over a door for installation. Use it in a linen closet, bathroom, bedroom or pantry. One tester raved, &ldquoIt&rsquos a game changer!&rdquo

LAB RESULTS: We found it no problem to set up, and the deep and shallow baskets can be placed with any spacing you choose for a custom fit.

This Great Useful Stuff hanging space saver frees dresser and drawer space. It holds up to eight pairs of sunglasses and has 16 pockets on the back for jewelry and other small items.

LAB RESULTS: We like that it does double duty and gets bulky glass cases out of crowded drawers.

Big or small&thinsp&mdash&thinspElfa&rsquos system allows you to create the closet of your dreams with shelving, rod, drawer and accessory solutions for nearly every budget and type of space.

LAB RESULTS: Elfa&rsquos easy-to-install, customizable system is always a winner in GH tests. It&rsquos so versatile.

Add as many trays as you need to store gems and other precious pieces neatly and safely in this velvet-lined jewelry box. Trays vary in depth and design to suit your needs.

LAB RESULTS: We like the flexibility of this system over other jewelry boxes. Store the layers in drawers or pack them in a suitcase for travel.

Under-Sink Space Savers

Under-sink cabinets can feel like black holes: Who knows what&rsquos back there? Copco&rsquos 18-inch turntable puts frequently used cleaners and tools within reach.

LAB RESULTS: Its nonslip liner and high sides mean things stay put while you spin it. Side handles make it quick to lift out.

Reaching deep into a cabinet can be challenging, especially under a sink. With items on wheels, you won&rsquot lose anything again.

LAB RESULTS: YouCopia&rsquos dividers are adjustable for a custom fit, and the high sides add stability. The extra basket on the back is removable.

Sensational Family Gear

With a monthly subscription, Chatbooks creates a kid-friendly mini book of 30 images each month. Just choose your fave photos from your phone&rsquos camera roll and upload them to the app (iOS and Android only). Other book options are available.

LAB RESULTS: Our testers confirmed that the printing is high-quality they suggest upgrading to the hardcover option for long-lasting results.

We love this versatile IKEA kids&rsquo table and stool set. Use it as a sensory table, convert it into a LEGO tabletop building center or use it as an arts and crafts station. It&rsquos so versatile, everyone will want to be at the kids&rsquo table!

LAB RESULTS: Add the Trofast accessory storage bins that fit under the top, and you&rsquoll have space to stash toys and craft supplies that kids can grab when they want them and (hopefully) put back when they&rsquore done.

This ToteSavvy removable organizer, with many pockets and a washable changing mat, keeps baby supplies close at hand. It opens flat so it can be packed and unpacked easily, then folds to fit in your tote.

LAB RESULTS: It has an insulated pocket to help keep a bottle warm or cool, and the open-pocket design lets you see inside without digging.

A low-tech message solution, the 1Thrive wet-erase board and corkboard will help organize your family&rsquos menus, homework, chore reminders and more. Plus, it keeps important papers handy.

LAB RESULTS: Smooth to set up and customize, it lets you choose a vertical or horizontal layout and add accessories, including hooks for keys and more.

What parent doesn&rsquot want to save all their kid&rsquos artful creations? But there isn&rsquot space. Enter ArtKive. The company sends you a box to fill with your child&rsquos drawings. Then it professionally photographs them and has you proof the images before turning them into a hardcover book.

LAB RESULTS: Digital images are shared with you, and the books are not hard to store.

Multitasking Marvels

Mikasa&rsquos freestanding baskets are so pretty, you&rsquoll want them for fruits, veggies, hand towels, pet toys and more.

LAB RESULTS: It&rsquos simple to set up, has a small footprint and baskets are removable for greater flexibility.

You&rsquoll find many uses for OXO&rsquos clip hooks, like hanging kitchen towels or other wet items to dry.

LAB RESULTS: The nonslip grip holds heavy items, and the hook swivels to any angle.

These see-through Muji drawers are ideal for stashing mail and items like journals and stationery.

LAB RESULTS :They stack easily and slide in and out smoothly.

There&rsquos plenty of space in Honey-Can-Do&rsquos 12 plastic drawers for all your craft, office and art supplies, and the top is a work surface too.

LAB RESULTS: It takes less than five minutes to assemble.

Genius Gadgets

Any organizing pro will agree that a label maker is a must-have. Use Brother&rsquos machine to label pantry bins, storage containers of holiday decor, file cabinets and even leftovers.

LAB RESULTS: We found it quick to set up and were wowed by its many custom font and layout options.

Access your grocery and to-do lists, get appointment reminders and manage smart home devices like lights and thermostats right on the Echo or with voice commands. Its great sound and 10-inch HD swivel screen (an upgrade from the Echo Show 8 we featured in our print magazine) make viewing and chatting a pleasure.

LAB RESULTS: We love that this simple-to-use all-in-one device helps you organize your life and enjoy it, as it allows for movies, musical entertainment and video calls.

This elegant powered tray is the perfect addition to a nightstand or an entry table. Unlike most wireless chargers, the Courant has a valet section for corralling small items like jewelry and earbuds, and it comes in an assortment of pretty colors.

LAB RESULTS: Our testers liked the idea of one product that would tackle more than one clutter issue, and this does that nicely. No more misplaced keys!

Corral messy tech clutter with this Great Useful Stuff vertical charging station. It holds up to three phones and two laptops or tablets, and comes in many colors and finishes.

LAB RESULTS: Our tech experts were impressed by its ability to hold large devices and how it kept phone alerts visible and cords neatly stashed for tangle-free charging.

Cords for lamps, electronics and appliances can become a tangled mess, not to mention a tripping hazard. These holders keep them tidy and off the floor or counter. They secure to a wall with Command&rsquos adhesive backing, which holds well and can be cleanly removed.

LAB RESULTS: These nifty bundlers work for most cord sizes and won&rsquot ruin your paint job when you take them off the wall.

11 essentials for an organized kitchen

Without a doubt, the kitchen is a high-traffic, high-usage zone in every house. Regardless of whether you like to cook or not, it pays to have this particular space organized. Obviously, food storage is key. But there are a myriad of things (big and small) that need a home. The trick is keeping them close at hand, but tidy. Looking for a twist-tie? Need to pull out every baking pan just to get the cookie sheet? Dying for a place to keep stationery for grocery lists and family reminders? Too many garbage bins taking up floor space? Here are 11 ideas to keep your kitchen aesthetic tidy and functional.

Stainless steel kitchen accessories
Stainless steel accessories fit well into most kitchens, making these accessories particularly appealing. From magnetic boards and canisters to gallery ledges and cookbook holders, organize the kitchen your way. Pottery Barn, $19.87 &ndash 131.17.
Modular drawer organizers
These mahogany boxes fit together in a host of different ways, so you can customize drawers to suit your needs. They&rsquore also nice enough to live on the countertop if you want things more readily available. Williams Sonoma, sets of 2 or 3 for $29.95 &ndash 36.95.

OXO 10-piece pop container set
Being organized means maximizing space. It also means knowing what you&rsquove got (and more importantly) where! These see-through, stackable containers in different shapes and sizes are perfect for dried goods storage. Crate and Barrel, $119.95.
Tiered cabinet organizer
No more re-arranging cupboards to see what you&rsquove got! This tiered organizer kicks things up a notch by keeping jars and tins elevated and visible . Crate and Barrel, $6 each.
Canister dispenser
Not enough counter space? Then the indispensable SmartSpace dispenser by Zevro is for you! It hangs on the wall and keeps food airtight for well over a month. Measuring cups hang at the base of the canisters &hellip and for extra good measure, each turn of the knob releases an ounce of food., $46.99.
Herb keeper
Do you use a lot of herbs, but find they go bad before you&rsquove used them all up? This handy container lets you stand them up with their bases immersed in water, keeping them fresher, longer. Crate and Barrel, $24.95.
Easy stack J hook
Maximize vertical fridge, shelf or counter space with this deceptively simple device. It creates a base for stacking bottles and jars, keeping them from rolling away., $7.99 each.
Magnetic knife bar
If drawers are too narrow or shallow and counter space is an issue, magnetic knife bars may be the answer. The wall mount keeps knives just above the counter and easily accessible., $14.99.
Lock-on baskets and dividers
Keep baking pans and cutting boards organized with wire storage baskets that clip to steel shelving and slide out, making it a lot easier to grab what you need when you need it! Plastic liners keep things from falling through the cracks. Williams Sonoma, $59.95 &ndash 89.95.
Fingerprint-proof butterfly recycler/trash
Reduce, reuse, recycle. All three are possible with this streamlined bin designed to fit small spaces or tuck under kitchen islands and countertops. Garbage and recycling can be sorted into the separate bins. Foot pedals and hands-free opening make it extra hygienic. Williams Sonoma, $159.95.
Glide-out towel bar
Forget slinging dish towels over the oven handle. Keep your kitchen looking effortlessly tidy by stowing towels and oven mitts out of sight with the Knape & Vogt Glide-Out Towel Bar. Home Depot, $29.97.

How we tested

To test how tightly each container sealed, we filled each partly with water, put the lid on tightly, and turned it upside down. We also repeated this process after each had been through the dishwasher three times to make sure the plastic lids hadn’t warped or lost their seal. This is not a perfectly accurate test, since the pressure of water flowing out of a container is stronger than the pressure of air flowing in. But a lot of water leaking out is a pretty good indication that a lid is not tight enough to keep food fresh or pests out.

We put the lids on and took them off the containers multiple times and looked for signs of wear. We also filled each container of the appropriate size with 5 pounds of flour and 4 pounds of sugar to see how easy it was to do so. Using our favorite 1-cup measuring cup, we tried scooping flour from each container (not just the largest) both when it was full and when it was nearly empty.

To test sturdiness, we filled each container with 2 pounds of beans and slid each off a counter onto a tile floor so that it landed sideways. We also dropped them all from waist height at other angles—upright, upside down, and on a corner—to see if they cracked or if the lids popped off.

The Best Pop-Tops

In lieu of a canister lid, these OXO dry food containers function via easy push buttons that create an airtight seal with a simple click of your finger. The sealing system is among the best you can find and the containers are easy to stack, too. Made of sturdy plastic, they have a lightweight construction with rounded corners specifically designed to make things like flour, oats, rice, and beans easy to pour. There's even a special container that's designed to keep your brown sugar from hardening. The set includes five containers of varying sizes, plus two scoops and a terracotta brown sugar saver.

One fan raved: "When you use OXO products, you know to expect quality and these storage containers did not disappoint! You get 5 containers in 4 sizes that perfectly vacuum seal to protect your food. The sizes are useful and versatile, and the airtightness means no worrying about pests. While these are recommended for storing dry goods, I put some liquid (olives and brine) in one of them to REALLY test the seal. Even when you turn it upside down, no liquid leaks out. Another nice feature is that you can partially disassemble the lid by removing the white plastic piece on top of the gasket, allowing you to completely clean the gasket. I tried this on the container with the olives, and it worked perfectly. The entire container has no residual smell. Overall, if you want the best in food storage containers, these OXO containers are absolutely essential!"