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Rice with mushrooms

Rice with mushrooms

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We wash the fresh mushrooms, clean them well from the ground and cut them into thin slices. In a frying pan over low heat put 2 tablespoons of oil and when hot add the chopped mushrooms. They will harden and leave their juice. Season with salt and pepper and add the chopped garlic. Leave a little more and remove from the heat.

Meanwhile, we prepare the rice. Put 2 tablespoons of oil in a pot and heat the crushed noodles in your hands. It must be hardened for about 2 minutes, it will take on a copper color. Add the rice and onion, finely chopped or even grated. Leave the rice for about 2 minutes and add hot water or fish soup. Add salt, pepper and other spices. Stir and bring to a boil. When it is cooked for more than half, add hardened mushrooms, mix and let it boil. If you use water then you can add a spice cube for extra flavor.

When the rice is as you like (I prefer it al dente), turn off the heat, place the food on a plate, sprinkle with Parmesan or grated cheese and serve.

Mushroom stew with onion and green dill

This mushroom stew with onion and dill is so tasty, served with polenta, that you don't get tired of just one portion.

I received from a neighbor of my mother a package with 2 kg of fresh mushrooms, gathered from the forests surrounding our village and I prepared them according to the old, peasant recipe, as my mother and grandmother prepared it.

I received them directly cleaned and chopped, ready to put in the cauldron, so it didn't take me long to prepare this culinary delight.

Mushrooms are considered delicacies and they really are, and after them we especially like the yolks that are found in the same period as the mushrooms.

In the area where I am, the mushrooms are called manatees, and the yellows are called buffaloes.

Whatever they are called, it is certain that they are very good and I hope to be able to prepare a mushroom zacusca someday, like this one. Zacusca de ghebe.


Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Chop the onion, cut the celery into cubes and finely chop the ginger.

Heat the butter in a saucepan. Put the onion, cardamom beans, cumin, ginger and brown them for a short time, without them taking on color. Sprinkle with curry and mix. Add the celery pieces and coconut milk and simmer until softened, stirring occasionally.

In the meantime, take care of the remaining vegetables. Wash the otters and cut their tails.
Clean the green bean pods (break off their heads) and cut them into suitable pieces.
Cut the cucumbers in half lengthwise. Remove the core with a teaspoon and cut the cucumber halves into small pieces (about 1 cm wide).

Put the okra, beans and peas in boiling water, lightly salted and simmer until they become al dente. Then pass them through a stream of cold water to stop them from boiling. Drain them and set them aside.

In a frying pan, heat 2 tablespoons of oil and sauté the cucumber slices for about 4 minutes. Take them out on a plate and set them aside.

Cut the eggplant in half lengthwise and fry until soft and golden yellow. Season with salt and white pepper to taste.

Cut the okra into small pieces and place them over the hot mixture in the pot. Add the peas, bean pods and cucumber slices. Season everything with chopped chilli, salt and white pepper to taste. Stir and bring to a boil.

Add the rice together with the coarsely chopped cashews. Pour 375 ml of water, mix and simmer for 1 minute. Cover the bowl with a lid and simmer for about 20 minutes until the rice absorbs all the liquid and is cooked.

Arrange the rice with the vegetables on a plate and sprinkle with freshly chopped coriander leaves.

Mushrooms with garlic and polenta & # 8211 traditional recipe

Mushrooms with garlic and polenta & # 8211 traditional recipe. Mushrooms, sausages, pan-fried pythons with garlic and butter, served on slices of grilled polenta. Recipes with forest mushrooms. Pan-fried pork mushrooms with garlic.

How good are forest mushrooms! During the long summer, they are found in the markets of Arad, being brought by the collectors from the area. I always find mushrooms, yellows, dew sponges, parasites and many other delicious varieties.

The simplest recipe for mushrooms (or mushrooms in general) is this one: mushrooms with garlic sautéed in a pan with a little butter or oil (if you are fasting). Season with salt, pepper and a little green parsley. There really is no need for other spices. Their aroma is fabulous! Some people also put cream at the end, but I seem to like it more without it.

These garlic mushrooms go well with polenta. But I made a smarter polenta, with milk, cream and butter, which I poured into a tray and cut it into rectangles (after cooling). You will see below how I proceeded. Keep in mind that the polenta needs about 2 hours of cooling (or even overnight) so it must be prepared in advance!

And northern Italians have a similar recipe: porcini mushrooms with polenta. Or with homemade pasta (tagliatelle) & # 8211 see the recipe here.

I also made a delicious cream soup out of mushrooms & # 8211 see here.

I bought two bags of mushrooms from the market: one with mushrooms and another with yolks. What a great flavor they had! For economic reasons I have to tell you that you can make a mixture of mushrooms with cultivated mushrooms (brown mushroom type) because they will also take on the aroma of mushrooms. I only used mushrooms (pickles, pythons).

I give you the quantities for 3 servings of mushrooms with garlic and polenta. You can multiply them by the number of people.

Disturbingly Delicious The Wonderful Taste of Life

It was once a risotto. This is how the story I'm telling you today begins. A story in which Făt Frumos is the rice and Ilenele Cosânzene are the aromas that will take us to the Mediterranean lands in ancient times to the origins of the Italian & # 8220risotto & # 8221.

Someone said & # 8220Risotto was born in Naples & # 8221. Well, although it has not been proven, in this statement there is perhaps a shred of truth if we consider the fact that rice was brought to Italian territory in the fourteenth century by the Spaniards and was used as food at first in Naples. But rice did not stop in southern Italy but made its way north where it found an important place in Italian cuisine. At first, the term risotto did not define a preparation, but rather a way of preparing rice called in Italian & # 8220cottura a risotto & # 8221.

The ancestor of risotto was par excellence & # 8220risotto alla milanese & # 8221, so in no case can we say that risotto was born in Naples. Many sources show that in medieval kosher cuisine there was a recipe for rice with saffron, before the Milanese risotto, which traveled from Sicily to northern Italy with Arab and Jewish traders. One of the legends says that the maid of a Palermo family moves to Milan and, trying to make an orange, she failed to give it its specific shape, so yellow rice would have been born.

From the second half of the 1500s there are written testimonies about the existence of a typical Milanese dish. For example, in 1570, Bartolomeo Scappi, the personal cook of Pope Pius V, published the book & # 8221 Opera dell & # 8217Arte del Cucinare & # 8221, a book that contributed to his fame, in which he appears mentioned & # 8220Lombard rice food& # 8221 (Lombard style rice dish) prepared from boiled rice, enriched with cheese, sugar, cinnamon, & # 8220cervellata & # 8221 (a type of Milanese sausage flavored with saffron, an indispensable ingredient for the preparation of alla milanese risotto in the following centuries) and pieces of chicken meat.

Then there is another story somewhere on the border between the anecdotal and the real, that related to the wedding of the daughter of the Belgian window Valerio di Fiandra who in 1957 took part in the works related to the construction of the imposing Duomo in Milan. The story goes that at the wedding, among other delicacies, one of the disciples, nicknamed & # 8220Zafferano & # 8221, persuaded the chef to serve a pyramid of golden rice, symbolically colored with saffron (to ridicule his weakness to use saffron in the paint used to stained glass) & # 8211 diners, unaware that it was a joke, tasted and saffron rice proved to be very popular.

In 1773, Vicenzo Corrado, in the treatise & # 8220Cuoco Galante & # 8221, presented a new recipe for yellow rice, boiled in soup with egg and cheese and in 1779, Antonio Nebbia, in & # 8221 Il Cuoco maceratese & # 8221, was the first to suggest & # 8220 roasting rice after being left in the water for a few hours & # 8221. Later, in 1839, Francesco Cherubini stated that rice should be & # 8220 flooded with good soup. Things do not stop here and, in 1853, the famous chef who published in & # 8221Nuovo Cuoco Milanese & # 8221 for the first time the recipe entitled & # 8221 alla milanese yellow rice & # 8221 which included butter, saffron, beef marrow and grated Parmesan. Later, in 1800, Artusi included in & # 8220La scienza in cucina e l & # 8217arte del mangiar bene & # 8221 two variants of risotto alla milanese in one promoting wine and in the other wine and marrow.

The recipe is spreading and is increasingly appreciated, although it is undergoing some changes. In 1974, Anna Gosetti in the article & # 8220Italian regional recipes & # 8221, when she talks about & # 8220riso alla milanese & # 8221 specifies some important elements for its realization:

  • never use parboiled rice
  • mandatory frying of rice
  • hardened onions (removed or made into a paste)
  • the addition of the spinal cord
  • optional wine
  • saffron
  • & # 8220mixing & # 8221 & # 8211 mixing rice with butter and cheese
  • consistency & # 8220all & # 8217onda & # 8221

Then there was the modern interpretation of the famous risotto alla milanese by Gualtiero Marchesi & # 8221 oro e zafferano & # 8221 gold and saffron) which added a few sheets of gold to a risotto made with Carnaroli rice.

In 2007, the City Hall of Milan recognized the Communal Name & # 8220De. Co & # 8221 for risotto as a typical Milanese product, along with & # 8221panettone & # 8221, & # 8220michetta & # 8221 (a type of bread) & # 8220cassoeula & # 8221 and & # 8220ossobuco & # 8221.

As I told you in another article, the best rice for preparing a good risotto is Carnaroli rice, although tradition says that the Arborio, Padano and Vialone Nano types are also good. I prefer Carnaroli. Respecting the basic elements that Anna Gosetti lists regarding the preparation and consistency, today there are many variants of risotto and the one we will talk about next is a porcini mushroom risotto (risotto with mushrooms), one of my favorites , by the way.

You can read more about making a risotto in a Mint and Rosemary along with a delicious recipe.

Risotto with Hribi

Porcini Mushroom Risotto

Recipe specific to Italian cuisine

Source of information on the origins of the beloved risotto: La Cucina Italiana,, La Revue Gourmet

  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 2 servings
  • Rating: 5 stars - based on 1 review (s)


    - 160g - 500ml - 1 - 4 large - 80g - 100ml - 1 puppy - to taste - to taste (freshly ground) - 50g - 30ml - 2lg - 30g


  • Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the garlic. Saute the mushrooms for a short time in the hot oil with the garlic (which will be thrown after) for about 10 '
  • In a large, higher skillet fry the shallot cut scales in half of the butter mentioned above until melted add the rice and "fry" (read "harden") 2 'until the grain becomes opaque, quench with come and continue boiling over high heat until the alcohol evaporates.
  • Add one tablespoon each and boil over medium heat for about 20 minutes, stirring constantly. It is very important to keep the soup warm so as not to stop it from boiling. Also, do not add more soup until the previous one has evaporated.
  • 5 minutes before the rice is cooked, add the mushrooms, keeping a few aside for serving.
  • When the rice has boiled (it must remain "al dente") remove the pan from the heat, add the remaining butter, robiola and grated Parmesan cheese and mix until the risotto becomes creamy and homogeneous. In case it gets too thick, add a little hot soup.
  • Serve with the remaining slices of mushrooms, a little green parsley and freshly ground pepper
  • If desired, you can add some grated Parmesan cheese

A glass of white wine is always welcome)

Now that I have clarified the history of the famous risotto so appreciated in the world and I have identified its predecessors, if you like it as much as I do, I suggest other recipes that you can try., Recipes prepared by Flory, by at Recipes of all kinds:

Hoping that I made you feel like it and that I convinced you to try a risotto in the next few days, I wish you a clear weekend full of flavors and flavors.

3 delicious recipes with mushrooms for the end of autumn

Of the dozens of varieties of edible mushrooms in the world, mushrooms are distinguished by their fleshy texture and deep taste, with aromas of hazelnuts and forest. You can also find them in the dry version and you can add them in many dishes.

They are also delicious in food, and simple to grill. If you choose their dry version, you must know that these mushrooms have a more intense aroma and must be rehydrated for 30 minutes in hot water before using them. In addition, the food will have a more elastic texture compared to mushrooms in the natural version.

If you want to replace them in recipes you can use shiitake or yellow mushrooms. The mushrooms are in full autumn season, so it's good to take advantage of them now, as much as you can find them fresh.

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Porcini mushroom risotto / Risotto with mushrooms

The famous mushroom risotto is based on an autumn dish, the moment when these miraculous mushrooms are at the peak of their aroma.

Of course, rice matters a lot for the success of this traditional dish. For the elderly, the appearance on the market of the serious variety of this product meant and means confusion. Romania had only one type of rice in stores and this was the right one for pilaf. No one is to blame, but just as apples are not of one kind, neither is rice and just as no mash comes out of any potato, no risotto comes out of any rice.

Mushrooms are found in frozen form all year round in the hypermarket. Autumn is more fresh here too. You can find them in the woods, at the market or for sale on the side of the road. Mushroom risotto can only be made with mushrooms no matter how mind-boggling it sounds. They cannot be replaced with mushrooms or other mushrooms, just as in fish soup, fish cannot be replaced with pork or goat.

So I invite you to follow the recipe as it is.

Risotto with mushrooms

  • Servings: 2-4
  • Duration: 30 min
  • Difficulty: average


160 gr. Carnaroli or Arborio rice

2 tablespoons olive oil


  1. Make vegetable soup or organic cube mushroom soup
  2. Clean the mushrooms if they are fresh and chop the slices or cubes. Finely chop the onion.
  3. Put the olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat. When it is hot, add the finely chopped garlic clove, mushrooms, salt and cook until it turns copper on the edges. Take them out and set them aside.
  4. Put 30 grams of butter in a saucepan and add the chopped onion. Keep melting on very low heat for 10-15 minutes. You can also add 2-3 tablespoons of soup so that it does not burn.
  5. When the onion has melted, add the rice and cook for 2 minutes.
  6. When the rice has become glassy it is made shade, add 50 ml of dry white wine and leave to evaporate
  7. Add the soup one at a time and mix slowly over low heat until absorbed. After the first 3 poles put and absorbed by the rice, add the mushrooms and continue until the rice is ready.
  8. The consistency should be very soft, creamy.
  9. The fire is stopped and done buttering, that is, in this case, add 30 grams of cold butter and Parmesan cheese and mix well until everything becomes very creamy.

From "goodbye" I do not say many words today because in this whole thing only one thing is essential and I want you to remember it.

The risotto must flow, it is a warm and buttery wave that warms the body and the soul. Where you see the "risotto" placed with the circle is amateurism of the lowest kind. Unfortunately for the authors of such culinary "mitochanias", that kind of cooking is not even pilaf, it's just a rice with something. Good and the one with one condition, not to call him Vittorio Emanuele when he is Bănel.

Ingredients for risotto with mushrooms and asparagus

  • 8 tablespoons of rice for risotto, washed well and soaked plus / minus half an hour (optional, shortens the preparation process but alters the taste because it is hydrated with water and not with sauce)
  • Salt, pepper, olive oil, two tablespoons of butter
  • Half a cup of dry white wine
  • Parmesan race
  • Two hands of mushroom cubes
  • 2 large cloves of garlic and a suitable onion, cut very finely
  • Half a liter of vegetable, chicken or beef soup (the best is chicken, the most healthy beef, if you don't trust the chickens on the market :))
  • A few asparagus threads, with clean skin stems, cut into 2 cm long pieces

Heat the soup over a small bowl. Do not boil strongly because it evaporates before you can use it.

In a Teflon pan, heat the garlic and onion with a little oil, over medium to low heat, in a little olive oil and a tablespoon of butter. Be careful not to burn them.

After a few minutes, when they are translucent, add the rice. Cook for a few tens of seconds over low heat, then add the wine. Mix well until all the liquid has evaporated.

Start adding a soup polish. Stir constantly until the end of the recipe. After the first five minutes, add the mushroom cubes. After another ten minutes, the asparagus pieces. After another five minutes (20 minutes in total) all the ingredients should be ready. BUT, taste them all, especially rice.

If the soup is not enough, add a little hot water.

If the rice has been soaked, the operation takes about 15 minutes. If not, about 20.

Turn off the heat, add the butter and a handful of grated Parmesan cheese. Stir and put the lid on and let it rest for a few minutes.

If you want an exceptional risotto, you can also try risotto with lobster or risotto with saffron and fried octopus. Or, from the fasting series (which can also be fasting), risotto with mushrooms or risotto with black truffles.

Maramures recipe: The simplest mushroom dish with sour cream

We recommend a delicious recipe collected by Simona Lazar from Sighetul Marmatiei.


1 kg of mushrooms, 250 ml sour cream, an onion, salt, corn (for polenta), garlic sauce

Method of preparation

Mushrooms rinse quickly under running cold water. Even if you are tempted to leave them in the water for a long time, my advice is not to do it. Cold water could oxidize the white "flesh" of the mushrooms. (And they will swell with water & # 8230 because it's not for nothing that they are called mushrooms, whatever they are, & # 8230 sponges!) And, anyway, you will boil them in two or three waters, time "to let ”Sand and clear. But before you throw them in the pot, don't forget to cut them into slices. In the last water add a finely chopped onion. Let it boil like this, together, for an hour, over a low heat, adding warm water from time to time.

As for mushrooms & # 8211, like any other mushroom dish - there are some basic rules to follow. The ones related to water have already been named. It should be noted that salt is added a little and only at the end. It is good not to use spices of any kind, because the taste of mushrooms is a spicy one "from nature".
When you think the mushrooms have boiled, take a slice with a fork and taste it, if it melts in your mouth, it means it's ready. Add the cream. A large cup, even to "surpass" a little, for a kilogram of mushrooms. Leave only a few boils on the fire, turning with a wooden spoon, so that they do not stick to the bottom of the pot. Then turn off the heat, sprinkle with finely chopped dill and serve with hot polenta, mujdei, horinca or white wine (as you like) and necessarily in tapestries and puppet chords & # 8230

Cream of mushroom soup or other mushrooms with garlic, white wine and cream

Cream of mushroom soup or other mushrooms with garlic, white wine and cream. How to make mushroom cream soup? Forest mushroom cappuccino with white wine. Cream soup of forest or cultivated mushrooms (champignon). Recipes with mushrooms, pickles or pythons.

I am a big fan of mushrooms and I cook them very often. This time I made a cream of mushroom soup that came out extremely fine, velvety, airy and tasty. Mushrooms have an intense, specific, unmistakable aroma.

Arad Square is very well stocked with wild mushrooms. During the long summer you can buy yolks, mushrooms, ears, dew sponges or parasols (those with a big hat, as much as a plate). Mushrooms are fleshy, extremely fragrant mushrooms. About Boletus edulis you can read more here. They are sold at the market for 35 lei / kg - very little compared to Bucharest or imported mushrooms.

In the Arad and Bihor area, mushrooms (porcini mushrooms) are called pitoance or pitarce. They grow in the surrounding forests and are harvested and brought to market. Many mushroom pickers have contracts with collection centers that send them for export (to Italy). I'm happy every time I see these nice mushrooms on the market tables!

The easiest way to cook is to fry them in a pan with oil and / or butter and garlic and serve them with polenta & # 8211 see the recipe here.

Because they are very fragrant, mushrooms can be combined in recipes with cultivated mushrooms (white or brown mushrooms), giving them their intense flavor.

And in this cream of mushroom soup you can add (as a complement) a few greenhouse mushrooms. This is for economic reasons & # 8230

This mushroom cream soup recipe is a classic French one. It is called "mushroom cappuccino" because it has a frothy and light consistency.

Usually vegetable cream soups contain a thickening agent: potatoes or rice. The starch in them "binds" the soup and makes it creamy. But look, you can get the same effect without these elements, preparing the soup only with mushrooms, onions and garlic. They are sauteed with butter and emulsified with an acidic (sour) element: white wine. The result is great! The soup is prepared very quickly, in just 30 minutes.

This recipe appeared in the book "Arena de acasă" & # 8211 a cookbook published by Selgros that brings together menus prepared by famous chefs and fellow culinary bloggers. Each of us chose a complete menu consisting of 4 items: appetizer, soup, main course and dessert. I chose to prepare a complete menu related to the Arad area through local ingredients (meats, vegetables, fruits), especially to the Arad Vineyard area. Cadarca de Miniș (dry red wine) was the leitmotif of the whole concept, it being present in all 4 ways. Details here.

From the quantities below it results approx. 6 servings of mushroom cream soup.

Mushrooms with sour cream & # 8211 traditional recipe

Mushrooms with sour cream & ndash traditional recipe for mushroom stew with polenta, pythons, yolks, pleurotus, mushrooms or any kind of mushrooms. How to make mushrooms with sour cream or ciulamaua? Written recipe and step by step video.

Tips from Gina Bradea

-Do not boil the food long after adding sour cream, so as not to cheese

-a cream as fat as possible is recommended, and this one, from Lidl, with 30% fat, is perfect

-use any kind of mushrooms, but wild mushrooms are the best

-you can also add a few slices of hot pepper, if you like it more spicy

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Presentation and service

Put generous portions on plates and serve this simple food, or with freshly cut dill on top.

Don't forget one polenta hot or a home bread , only good for gathering all the sauce from the plate. To remain perfectly clean, because it is a great pity for such goodness.

Good appetite, but I recommend you to see the video recipe below.

Increase healthy and tasty cooking. Traditional dishes are always the best!

I also leave here the video recipe, to see everything I do:

Video: Ρύζι με λαχανικά και μανιτάρια. by Aggeliki (August 2022).