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Spinach, Hummus, and Bell Pepper Wraps

Spinach, Hummus, and Bell Pepper Wraps

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Fresh, flavorful, veggie-packed, and ready in a 10-minute snap—now that’s a meal we can stand behind! Hummus delivers a winning combo of protein and healthy fat for staying power, while fresh bell peppers and spinach provide a satisfying crunch. Tomato-and-basil feta cheese adds a kick of salty tang and Mediterranean flair. Make this wrap the night before and store in the fridge—just grab it in the morning on your way out the door. Use Flatout Light whole-grain flatbreads to keep calories in check; you can find them at most supermarkets. Pair this tasty wrap with whole-wheat crackers or a piece of fruit to round out a nutritious, delicious lunch

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