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Black celery and radish salad

Black celery and radish salad

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How are you, my dear cooks? I haven't visited you much lately ... I missed you .... I hope you're ok ... I invite you to a fresh salad ... I just did it .. .

  • or black radish
  • or celery
  • 3-4 lg homemade mayonnaise
  • o lg sour cream
  • half a lemon
  • salt, pepper, green dill

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Black celery and radish salad:

We clean the celery and we put the radish on the small grater.

Squeeze the excess juice, sprinkle with squeezed lemon juice and mix well, not to darken.

Add salt, pepper and a pinch of chopped green dill, then mayonnaise and sour cream.

Mix lightly and ready.

Very good!

Black celery and radish salad - Recipes

Hello! I'm Prăslea the housewife!

I come home one evening with a super appetite for garnish meat. I heat the meat and the meal was almost ready. But not before making a vegetable salad. I look in the fridge. Gol. I open the vegetable drawer and & # 8230 surprise! A black radish. In vain. What salad is that with radish only? I had made a salad of vegetables, with carrots, celery, radish, apple, but now I really didn't know what I could do with radish alone.

I said I'll try though. I had no other solution anyway. I put it on the grater, put some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. I tasted without too many expectations. In fact, without any expectations! I thought we were going to eat it like that, that we had no choice and we had to have something raw at the table, not just meat. When I tasted it, I was shocked! I wouldn't have thought she could be so good! I really wouldn't have believed it forever! And now I'm sorry I haven't tried this recipe before.

It's clear now! Black radish salad has become one of my favorite salads, especially in the cold season. Plus it's the fastest salad I've ever made. I recommend it with confidence!


Method of preparation:

I put the radish on the grater, then added the other ingredients and mixed. I didn't even get to warm up that the salad was ready! Have a good appetite!

He shaved a black radish, a carrot and an apple. The best salad of the season has come out!

He shaved a black radish, a carrot and an apple. The best salad of the season has come out!

Black radish has the strongest medicinal uses, being used as food, in salads and in cooking. It is considered and used as a true elixir in Eastern countries (Asia and India).



Ingredients for black radish salad are accessible to anyone you can add vegetables, foods (pears, celery, eggs, olives) according to everyone's preference.

Grate the radish, carrot and apple on a grater, or cut into strips. Mix with lemon juice and olive oil. Add salt and season with mint leaves. Black radish can also be consumed in the form of juice, stewed or steamed.

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Celery Salad, Red Radishes and Green Apples

Celery juice and celery as such are recognized for their real health benefits, being recommended by doctors to be consumed regularly in case of not at all mild diseases. Strongly aromatic and consistent, raw celery still has a harsher taste, which gives you a restraint in consuming it in sufficient quantities to put its & # 8220healthy & # 8221 imprint on the body. For me, in salads, celery makes a very good tandem with apple, especially Granny Smith green apple, whose sour taste balances very well the sweet taste of celery. This one celery salad, very simple, I want to recommend it to you today! To the two ingredients, celery and apple, I added red radishes that come with a more lively and slightly spicy taste.

A magnificent trio: carrots, cucumbers and black radishes

To support kidney function, but also to prevent and combat various diseases of the entire urinary tract, specialists urge us to use the diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber juice, in combination with carrot and black radish. "Infections, stones and other problems related to the kidney system can be alleviated by consuming 200 ml of cucumber, carrot and black radish juice, separately or in combination, preferably on an empty stomach, for 2-3 weeks," says the doctor. Ruxandra Constantina from the Sanavit Consult Naturist Therapies Center. Besides activating diuresis, facilitating the kidneys' mission of regulating the fluid balance in the body, they also have a tonic action, through the intake of precious vitamins and minerals.

There are many vegetables that help us get rid of symptoms and ailments when we get the flu or a cold, but none are as effective in treating them as black radish.

There are many vegetables that help us get rid of symptoms and ailments when we get the flu or a cold, but none are as effective in treating them as black radish.

Although it cannot be said to be the tastiest, black radish contains significant amounts of antioxidants and helps to treat diseases of the internal organs, but it is also excellent for hair or skin.

A treatment that can be done with onions, but which is more effective with black radish, is to cut the vegetable in half, then fill the halves with honey or sugar. Leave it overnight and drink the syrup in the morning. Infections of the respiratory system, but also the sensations of dryness in the throat, headaches and others specific to the cold disappear.

Black radish benefits and contraindications - excellent treatment for coughs and colds

It seems that black radish contains a substance that helps regulate the secretion of the thyroid gland. People suffering from hyperthyroidism can be treated with this vegetable to regulate excess thyroid hormones.

Being an excellent source of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B complex, a source of magnesium, calcium and other minerals, black radish is also a good detoxifier. In addition, it stimulates liver function and eliminates toxins from the liver. Those who want a better liver function should consume black radish as often as possible.

Black radish benefits and contraindications - excellent for hair and skin

A black radish juice a day can also bring great benefits in the fight against hair loss. Strengthening the hair and stimulating its growth can be other reasons for consuming black radish. You can even make a hair mask with black radish. Boil a grated black radish for half an hour with two glasses of water. Cool, mix with a yolk and put on hair for 2 hours. rinse and wash normally.

Black radish juice is also very effective for detoxification cures, when we want an excellent cleansing of the blood. Along with beet juice, black radish juice is one of the best. Thus, the skin will look much more shiny and healthier, because it is the first to talk about how full of toxins the blood is. A smooth and clean skin denotes an interior as clean as possible.

In addition to draining the bile and detoxifying the liver, black radish seems to help eliminate kidney stones. Drink black radish juice on an empty stomach in the morning. No more than a glass. Osteoarthritis can be alleviated by soaking a black radish in a liter of white wine for 2 weeks. Drink a glass of decoction daily for 3 weeks.


Cranberry syrup is indicated as an adjunct in diabetes, diarrhea, gout, rheumatism, urinary tract infections, uremia, fermentation and putrefaction enterocolitis, pinworms, flatulence. Helps increase visual acuity, reduce hemorrhoidal inflammation, pharyngitis, cough and dyspepsia. It is also recommended in ENT diseases. The natural syrup is obtained by macerating the fruit. Put 2 kg of blueberries in a jar and mix with 4 kg of sugar. Leave to soak for 30 days, during which time the jar is shaken 2-3 times a week, until the sugar dissolves completely, then mix well, strain through gauze and pour into bottles. The bottles are hermetically sealed and placed in the pantry, they are kept for 12-14 months. Black radish syrup is used as a cough reliever. Peel a radish, grate it and put it in a jar so that it is a layer of slices, a layer of sugar. The next day, you will find that a syrup has formed. 4-6 tablespoons a day of this ingredient are especially effective in coughs, chronic bronchitis, asthma, gallstones. The syrup is an excellent fortifier, for growing children and for fatigue.

Syrups have been known since ancient times as sweet, aromatic, pleasant-tasting ingredients that, when diluted in water, quench thirst. In the past, they were made with bee honey, today, sugar is used. But the natural syrups are always based on medicinal plants, whether they are leaves, flowers or roots. In its pure state, the syrup is used as a natural remedy or as a sweetener for various desserts and cocktails. When we use natural syrup as a remedy, what are the most popular therapeutic syrups and, especially, what are the benefits of this delicious medicine?

What are natural syrups?

The name "syrup" comes from the Arabic language, from the words scriab, schira (potion). Syrups are liquid preparations with a high sugar content (2/3 of their weight), of viscous consistency. Medicinal syrups have a high content of active principles extracted from the plants from which they are prepared. It is preferable that the syrups be obtained from fresh fruits and plants. From these, a juice is first prepared, which is filtered, then mixed with cold sugar or by boiling. Obviously, if we use natural honey instead of sugar, a much healthier syrup will result. The advantage of cold-prepared syrup is that it retains very well the color, taste and aroma of fresh fruit and the entire amount of vitamins. Also, by the cold preparation method, the subsequent crystallization of the sugar cannot take place, if the syrup is not subjected to temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. The sugar solution is always prepared in glazed dishes. Then strain through gauze into perfectly dry bottles. The resulting viscous liquid must be very clear. If it is too thick, it sweetens, if it is too thin, it ferments. It is sealed and kept cold. Natural syrups are administered internally, diluted with water or as such, being preferred especially by children.

Horsetail and horseradish for the respiratory tract

One of the most popular syrups is horseradish. Grate a horseradish root, add four tablespoons of honey, mix well and soak for a few minutes. Strain, pressing the contents with a gauze. The remains that remain in the gauze are boiled with a little water. After boiling, strain by pressing, allow to cool, then mix with the raw syrup. Take three tablespoons a day in asthma, chronic bronchitis, anemia, avitaminosis, flu. Swallow slowly, letting it act on the airways. To maintain the youth of the skin, apply horseradish syrup on the cheek in the evening, before bedtime, for 10-15 minutes, after which it is removed with a cotton swab soaked in milk. Also for respiratory diseases, horsetail syrup is good. Here's how to prepare it in the country: in a clay pot, alternately put a layer of horseradish leaves and a layer of unrefined sugar, let it sit and fill until there is no room in the bowl. Then tie with 2-3 layers of cellophane and put in a hole made in the ground. Constant heat initiates a fermentation process. After eight weeks, the pot or jar is dug up, and the horseradish syrup thus obtained is left to boil for 1-2 minutes. After it cools, it is poured into small bottles with a wide neck. You can prepare this syrup from leaves given by the electric juicer, over which honey is placed.

For biliary disorders and rheumatism

Dandelion syrup is made from dandelion flowers, about the size of a two-liter pot. Add a liter of cold water. Put it on low heat, let it boil for a while, take the pot off the heat and let it sit overnight. The next day, it is filtered, drained, and the flowers are squeezed well with both hands. The juice is mixed with a kilogram of unrefined sugar, to which is added half a sliced ​​lemon. Boil everything over low heat. The syrup, spread on the pianos, is absolutely delicious. It is used as a depurative in acne, biliary and liver diseases. If we add fresh dandelion juice, sea buckthorn juice and honey, and leave the preparation in the dark for five weeks, we get an extraordinary remedy for stomach ailments. Thyme syrup is obtained from flowers and fresh plant stems. Moisten and put in the jar. Put in layers with unrefined sugar, leave to soak in the sun for 21 days. The flowers and stems are washed with water from the sugar left on them, and the water is put over the syrup. The liquid is boiled over low heat until the water evaporates, cools, pours into well-covered, cold bottles. It is used against colds, paralysis, apoplexy, multiple sclerosis, muscle atrophy, rheumatism, sprains.

The famous plantain syrup

Narrow or wide plantain syrup is extremely valuable from a therapeutic point of view. It is prepared from given leaves through a mincer. A porridge is obtained over which a little water is put so as not to harden, 300 grams of unrefined sugar and 250 grams of honey. Allow to simmer, stirring constantly, until a viscous liquid is formed, which is poured hot into jars and stored in the refrigerator. You can also get plantain syrup by putting the leaves in jars, in alternative layers with unrefined sugar. He is buried in the ground for three months. Strain, bring to the boil. If you have nowhere to bury the jar, you can leave it in the sun. The syrup left on the bottom of the container is also boiled. Narrow plantain syrup cleanses the blood of toxins. It should be used in the cure, taking a tablespoon daily before each meal. It has verified effects in bronchitis, asthma, cough, calming the attacks from the first swallow. Plantain syrup with honey and sea buckthorn juice has indications in the treatment of chronic inflammatory infections of the respiratory tract and in diabetes. Children will be given from one teaspoon to 6 teaspoons per day, and adults, from 3 to 6 teaspoons daily (for 3-7 days). Keep cold for no more than four days.

Blackberry syrup for the urinary tract

From shock flowers an excellent syrup is prepared against cough and bronchitis. Boil 30-40 shock flowers in three liters of water for about 30 minutes. Strain through double gauze. To one liter of liquid, add 1 kg of sugar. The preparation boils until it acquires a reddish color. Pour hot into bottles. It is consumed diluted with plain water. The delicious blackberry syrup is astringent, purifying, laxative and sweaty. The fresh, well-ripened and healthy fruits are crushed and left covered for 24 hours in the cold, soaked. Filter and add 800 g of sugar to 500 ml of filtered blackberry juice. Bring the mixture to a boil and simmer for 2-3 minutes, removing the foam. Pour the hot syrup into bottles, cover them and leave them like that until the next day. It is very tasty and refreshing, being recommended in the body to cleanse the body of gastrointestinal, renal and sweating toxins. It is a disinfectant and a bacteriostat of the digestive tract and urinary tract (diarrhea, enterocolitis, cystitis, urethritis). Blackberry syrup is recommended as an adjunct in fighting gout. It is very rich in antioxidants (anthocyanidins, vitamin C, vitamin E and ellagic acid), protecting cells in the aging process.

Oranges, lemons, apples

Orange syrup is obtained from 8-10 medium oranges, one kilogram of sugar and half a liter of water. The core of five oranges is rubbed with sugar, then boiled in water. Cut the rest of the oranges in half, squeeze the juice well, strain and pour in the syrup when it starts to boil. Put everything aside, filter, boil again until it has the desired consistency and then pour hot into bottles. According to the same principle, the lamiae syrup is also prepared. are tonic syrups, which strengthen the immune system and stimulate appetite, fight asthenia and the effects of stress, being liked especially by children. Apple syrup is obtained from three kilograms of apples, three liters of water and one kilogram of sugar. Peel the apples, cut them into thin slices and put them in a pan with water over high heat until soft. Strain through a thick cloth, add sugar and simmer until it begins to thicken. Leave to cool and then put in small jars, well covered with cellophane and bound, which will be cooked for 15 minutes. This syrup is indicated in liver diseases.

Sea buckthorn and celery syrup

Sea buckthorn syrup stimulates immunity, invigorates the body and is considered a good nutritional supplement. Due to the increase in resistance to pathogens, it also increases the body's resistance to effort. It has an anti-influenza effect and increases immunity. The syrup is obtained by cold maceration and fully preserves the healing properties of sea buckthorn fruits. To prepare this syrup, use 500 g of fruit and a jar of 800 g of honey. Wash the berries, put them in 400 g jars, which are filled only a third. Pour honey and mix well with a wooden spoon. Then put the lid on and keep the syrup in the fridge. After 10 days, you can take every morning, on an empty stomach, a tablespoon of this unparalleled tonic. Teas of any kind can be sweetened with a teaspoon of sea buckthorn syrup, which provides the body with the nutrients it needs in the cold season. Celery syrup is a diuretic, vitaminizing, mineralizing and tonic. It is effective in periods of prolonged intellectual effort and in periods of recovery after physical and mental effort, overwork, stress. It is prepared simply, boiling sugar with celery. It is consumed 3-5 tablespoons a day in chronic albuminuria, kidney stones and fever or in gargling for ulcers of the mouth and throat.

From pine and fir buds

Pine bud syrup has disinfectant properties in the airways and ensures the fluidification of secretions from the respiratory system. It is recommended for a wide range of respiratory ailments. It also has a stimulating effect, improving vitality. Boil a kilogram of fir buds in two liters of water for 15 minutes, then let it cool. Add two kilograms of sugar, boil until boiling, then filter and pour into the bottle. This undiluted syrup is administered to treat irritative cough and dry cough, diluted with spring water, it is antifebrile. Fir syrup is prepared from buds harvested in May-June, from unpolluted areas. The most effective is the syrup prepared with bee honey, as follows: a layer of buds, a layer of honey, another layer of buds and so on. It is left to soak for 1-2 months, after which it is filtered and put in bottles. Take 1-2 teaspoons, 3 times a day. It is very good in taste and effective in inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, cough, flu. A treatment lasts at least a month and can have good effects in children, in case of nasal polyps. It is also recommended in anorexia, migraines, gastroenteritis.

Mint and roses

To prepare mint syrup, we need a liter of water, 200 g of mint leaves and 1.5 kg of caster sugar. Scald the leaves and let them infuse in a closed jar for 24 hours. Strain the liquid and add the sugar. Then boil the composition for about 5 minutes, then let the liquid cool. It is drawn in hermetically sealed bottles that are stored in the dark. It is a refreshing drink during the heat and can be added to desserts. Excellent tonic and stimulant of the nervous system, it has special effects during periods of intellectual overload, stress and asthenia, combats abdominal pain caused by bloating, gallbladder dysfunction and other digestive disorders with nervous substrate. It is not indicated for people with diabetes. Rose syrup is obtained from the petals of 50 fragrant roses (for jam). Boil the petals for about 10 minutes in four liters of water, along with a packet of lemon salt. The resulting juice will be filtered the next day. To a liter of liquid, put a kilogram of sugar. Stir over high heat and simmer for 10 minutes. This syrup treats diarrhea, canker sores, fungal infections, flu, asthma, bronchitis, headaches.

Raw style

It is a salad that I ate for the first time since my sweetheart Roxana (a slightly different salad but also excellent) and I thought it would be my first post, because in all the raw sites I didn't see many recipes with black radish. And the mixture below not only takes them off quickly but also makes it very, very tasty.
About the qualities of radish, what can I say, I just mention:
- helps to remove gallstones, consumed in the form of juice in the morning, on an empty stomach
- fluidifies and helps eliminate lung secretions if left overnight in a hollowed radish, honey, and the juice formed drink a tablespoon three times a day.
More here:


2 carrots,
1 black radish,
1 leek.
and for the sauce:
extra virgin olive oil or hemp oil,
apple cider vinegar or lemon (apple cider vinegar I think is raw, but too acidic),
hemp seeds (opt.) - optional, optional, but. about the qualities and effects of hemp seeds here, where you can order them at the manufacturer's price.
sea ​​salt or pink Himalayan salt.
Carrots are washed well and peeled, or not, if they are organic and cut with mandolin crispy strips and only good for rowntzait, radish is cut into thin slices to see your fingers through them, and leek fine rings to wear on your fingers seen before. Separately, prepare the magic potion (dressing, of course) mixing well all the ingredients (as in the shake), then, after all the agitation, pour quietly over the chopped vegetables, leave to combine and penetrate aromas for approx. 10 minutes (if you have patience). Then rawntzaie and chew at least 10 times each mouthful.

Black radish salad, beets and carrots

-black radish
-olive oil

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