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Coffee mocha recipe

Coffee mocha recipe

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Instead of ordering this at Starbucks, make your own at home. Just add cocoa, sugar and milk to hot coffee.

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IngredientsServes: 1

  • 235ml freshly brewed coffee
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 tablespoons semi skimmed milk

MethodPrep:5min ›Cook:5min ›Ready in:10min

  1. Pour hot coffee into a mug. Stir in cocoa, sugar and milk.

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exalant taste swell-13 Dec 2011

by Elbee

Too chocolatey for me. But otherwise very good. I followed another reviewer's advise and decreased the chocolate to 2 tsp and that makes it better for me. Also, I increased the milk to a total of 1/4 cup and it's almost like Coffee Bean.-09 Jan 2002


If you like a really strong chocolate taste...stick with 1 Tbls. If not 1-2 tsp. might be sufficient enough. Starbucks at home!! Thanks Johanna-02 Feb 2003

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Make sure coffee is not hot. Hot coffee does bad things to protein powder! - 11/3/11

I heat the milk up for 45 seconds and then add the protein powder slowly to help it blend better. I also put in about a half a teaspoon of cocoa to give it a richer chocolaty flavor. This has been such a boost to my morning to get this much extra protein with the coffee that I already drink anyways. - 6/19/13

I blended the protein powder and milk together first and then added the hot coffee and it was fine. It does need a little sweetner
though. - 6/19/13

A VERY nice Recipe! I wonder if it's better to add another 1/2 a scoop vanilla protein powder. It would taste different.
Coffee should be cooled down as it may alter the characteristics of the amino acids in the protein powder!


I used Beverly International's UMP in vanilla, which is a protein mix, but mainly casein. It works great, because it can get very hot with much greater success than pure whey. So not only was this recipe delicious, but I also learned that I UMP makes a really nice coffee creamer! - 6/18/13

Marc's Starbucks Espresso Truffle

This is my pick for best Cafe Mocha. Save yourself a trip to Starbucks, and five dollars!

Boiling water 2/3 cup
Mocha powder or hot chocolate mix 2/3 cup
Dark-roasted coffee beans 2 tablespoons
Skim milk 1-2 cups
Whipped cream To taste
Espresso machine
Coffee grinder

Start boiling water. Grind your dark-roasted beans to a fine grind. Start the water heating cycle with your espresso machine, including enough water in the machine to run steam from the milk frother.

Put the mocha powder in an oversized mug. When your water is boiling, pour it in the mug with the mocha powder. Stir until the powder is completely dissolved into a mocha syrup.

With your espresso machine frother, begin to heat the milk. You will be heating the milk rather than frothing it so if your espresso machine frother comes with a rubber spout that frothes the milk, remove that rubber spout. Once the milk is very hot, let the espresso brewing cycle complete.

As soon as the espresso is ready, pour it into the mug with the mocha syrup. Top up the mug with the heated milk, leaving enough room for the whipped cream that you will add at the end. Stir together. Top off with whipped cream as desired, and lightly sprinkle the top with mocha powder.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the Espresso Truffle that costs $5 at Starbucks. If you would like to use the same ingredients that Starbucks uses, never fear. They sell their Espresso Blend and Mocha Powder at most outlets.

What’s in a Mocha Latte?

Mocha latte is made by mixing strong brewed coffee, hot chocolate mix and milk. Easy, right?

Yes, there are a lot of variations out there. If you’re not interested, jump straight to the recipe. But if you are, and want to learn how to make an outstanding Mocha Latte, stay with me!

Coffee. Use espresso or a strong brewed coffee for the best taste.

Milk. Choose between dairy or any plant milk. A lot of plant-based milks will steam as well as dairy milk. Nowadays, there is a range of plant-based milk options that can substitute dairy milk, so you can have both a vegan diet and a creamy coffee drink.

Chocolate. You can use a good hot chocolate mix or do like Starbucks and use a mocha sauce. I’ll teach you how to make a great mocha sauce below, with or without sugar.

Whipped cream is option but sooooooooo recommended! There are many vegan versions of whipped cream out there, so you can keep it even if your diet is vegan or dairy-free.

Cafe Mocha Recipe


  • 4 oz Coffee dark roast, italian
  • 1 oz Chocolate sauce
  • 4 oz Milk
  • 1 topping Whipped cream Optional




Tried this recipe? Let us know how it was!

Steam and froth the milk just as you would for a Cappuccino or Latte. Lattes have a flat foam layer because the milk consistency runs as a liquid whereas cappuccinos have a thick foam layer. How you froth your milk depends on your total fluid volume and preference.

For minimum sweetness choose a high-quality cocoa powder, for maximum sweetness pick a hot chocolate syrup. Other alternatives include white chocolate powder or syrup. Once you have separated the milk and foam, add your chocolate to the milk and beat with a whisk. Conversely, you can heat the milk on a stove top with the hot chocolate before steaming it all together.

Pull your espresso shot the same way you would for any coffee. A well-pulled espresso with Crema will add depth and luxury to your chocolate. Grind fresh espresso and tamp it, let it breathe and tamp again. Clean the portafilter and filter basket to create a proper seal around the group head and give a smooth pour to your espresso.

Pouring your milk and chocolate mixture over the Italian espresso shot, add the foam on top. Sprinkle with chocolate shavings, cinnamon or top with whipped cream.

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Green Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry Smoothie


    • 2 cups sugar, divided
    • 3/4 cup water
    • 6 large egg whites at room temperature 30 minutes
    • 2 tablspoons plus 1 teaspoon instant-espresso powder
    • 1 tablspoon pure vanilla extract
    • 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • 6 sticks (1 1/2 pounds) unsalted butter, cut into tablspoon pieces and softened
    • 6 ounces fine-quality 60%-cacao bittersweet chocolate, melted and cooled to lukewarm
    • Equipment: a candy thermometer a stand mixer fitted with whisk attachment
    • a stand mixer fitted with whisk attachment

Mayan Mocha Coffee Recipe

My mayan mocha fuels a few hours of productive work, followed by a nourishing savory meal that serves as a breakfast and lunch.

I used to be the kind of person who goes out in the morning to buy my coffee, but that’s not been the case since I got more into coffee and have been brewing my own coffee. After brewing, I blend it with spices like cinnamon, coconut oil and my favorite superfoods to get the metabolism going in the most delicious way possible.

Onto starting your day with chocolate… breakfast rules are made to be broken!

My most recent obsession is adding raw cacao to my coffee.

Blended with creamy cashew mylk, a spicy cayenne kick, and a nutritious addition of the Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer , it makes Mayan Mocha Coffee that has been called “ the most delicious drink in their life ” by those who’ve tried it.

I’m excited to share this new cacao coffee recipe with you!

Besides incredible flavor, adding cacao to your morning cup of coffee can have the following benefits:

  • Cacao contains anandamide, otherwise known as the bliss molecule, which raises serotonin levels and creates a feeling of euphoria
  • Can balance hormonal mood swings
  • Cacao is an incredible source of antioxidants and vitamins, as well as the following minerals: magnesium, iron, chromium, vanadium, copper, zinc, phosphorus
  • Cacao has more calcium than cow’s milk and the highest plant-based source of iron
  • Cacao is known to help with heart health and weight loss

If you need any more reasons to try out this recipe, read about the benefits of adding healthy fats and protein to your coffee .

Mayan Mocha Superfood Coffee Recipe

*Makes 1 serving


  • 2 cups fresh brewed hot coffee (you can also make a coffee-free version by using hot water + cacao or a herbal coffee alternative ). I also love brewing 50/50 coffee mixed with an herbal alternative, and sometimes add rose petals into the brew.
  • 1.5 TBSP. raw cacao powder or 1.5 TBSP ceremonial cacao paste (even better!)
  • 1 tspn. MCT oil (use coconut oil if you don’t have MCT oil)
  • 1 tspn. cacao butter (optional)
  • If you want to sweeten it, use 1 tspn. honey or 1 date (for a low glycemic option, use stevia or monkfruit)
  • 1/2 tspn. cinnamon
  • 3 shakes of cayenne pepper
  • A dash of sea salt

Optional boosts:

  • For glowing skin and sustained energy: 2 serving of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides or Collagen Creamer. Skip the collagen creamer if you’re going for a vegan version.
  • For energy and hormonal balance support: 1 tspn. maca powder
  • For liver detoxification: 1 tspn. Reishi mushroom powder
  • For fiber and a dreamy sweet flavor: 1 tspn. mesquite powder
  • For stress management: 1 tspn. ashwagandha
  • If you want it to be more latte-like, replace 1 cup of coffee with 1 cup heated milk of your choice (here’s how to make cashew mylk – it’s easy and so worth it). Can be replaced with other milk of your choice or 2 TBSP. coconut cream.


Blend all ingredients on high speed until frothy, serve with love. You can also serve it over ice for a cool version of this delicious superfood drink.

Ksenia is a storyteller, public speaker, founder of the award-nominated digital platform Breakfast Criminals, and podcast host. Named "35 Under 35 In Wellness" by Wanderlust and “The Fashion World’s Most In-Demand Breakfast Chef”, Ksenia is here to guide you to connect with your own version of self-love through mindful nourishment and rituals. She currently lives in a tiny home in the Catskills and can be found drinking ceremonial cacao at sunset.

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5 Responses

Isn’t it bad when the plastic from the cups is heated and it leaches into your coffee? I am not trying to be negative, just genuinely curious as to why you would use coffee in plastic cups especially because they get heated.

Cool, it looks pretty good and also it’s a protein-rich breakfast, I would love to try it someday

I LOVE this combination of ingredients. Its a great coffee healthy option that combats bitterness and enhances the depth of the beans. Totally buying the optional add ons.
Thank you!

Thanks, Andrea :) Hope it’s fueling your week!

I love the coffee, and I liked this article, thank you for sharing it, Regards.

Dalgona Mocha Coffee Recipe | Whipped Mocha | How to Make Frothy Café Mocha

1. In a large mixing bowl place coffee, sugar and hot water (1:1:1 ratio).

2. Using a hand mixer or electric mixer, whisk until thick and creamy. When its thick and creamy add cocoa powder and keep whisking until combined and thick, and creamy.

3. Fill only 3/4 of a cup with cold milk and add ice cubes.

4. Top with foamy whipped coffee, grate some dark chocolat. Mix well before drink. Enjoy!

  • Do I have to use sugar? The sugar helps the coffee whip to a fluffy and stable texture that holds its shape for a while. You can reduce sugar amount, but I&rsquom not sure it will be so fluffy. If you&rsquore really sensitive to sugar, you can reduce it down, just know that your coffee won&rsquot be as fluffy.
  • What kind of milk to use: You can use cow&rsquos milk, dairy free milk such as almond milk, oat milk or any other kind of milk that you prefer.
  • Cold or hot milk? For this recipe you can use cold or hot milk, they both taste great. If you are using cold milk, add few ice cubes.
  • Can I make Dalgona coffee without electric mixer? Yes, you can whip the coffee using a regular whisk, it may take a little bit more time, but it absolutely possible.

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Share it with us on Instagram and tag @thecookingfoodie so we can see your cooking adventures!

All About Mushroom Coffee + My Mushroom Coffee Mocha Recipe!

All About Mushroom Coffee + My Mushroom Coffee Mocha Recipe! This post will answer all of your questions about mushroom coffee and my favorite mushroom coffee drink. It’s energizing, filling, and so delicious.

Alright, you guys the time is here: let’s talk about MUSHROOM COFFEE!! I’ve been making this “mushroom mocha” drink and sharing it on my Instagram stories daily for a few months and I get SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. about it, so I decided to address them all in a blog post that you can reference whenever you’ve got questions.

This is going to be a Q+A style post with all the questions I typically get about mushroom coffee and the recipe is at the bottom. I’ll share some different versions that I make – depends on my mood and what I have on hand.

By the way, this post is not sponsored, but I am an affiliate for Thrive Market. This means that if you decide to purchase through my links, I will make a commission at no cost to you. You’ll get 25% off your first order by using my Thrive Market links (or go directly to

What IS mushroom coffee? Does it taste like mushrooms?

Mushroom coffee is, like it sounds, coffee that has mushrooms in it! No, they are not portobello or cremini mushrooms like you have on your dinner table, so the coffee does not taste like mushrooms. These are adaptogenic mushrooms, like reishi and chaga and lion’s mane. Each of these adaptogenic mushrooms has different benefits and supports our body’s functions in a different way.

The mushroom coffee I use is from Four Sigmatic. My favorite blend is the Create Blend, which has both Lion’s Mane and Chaga. It comes in both an instant coffee packet and as a ground coffee blend. I prefer the ground coffee blend. Lion’s Mane is said to improve memory and concentration, while Chaga is detoxifying and has tons of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This is the perfect blend for me when I’m having a workday and need to be focused and inspired. I also love the Achieve Blend, which uses the mushroom Cordyceps in addition to Chaga. Cordyceps supports energy, stamina, and athletic performance. It also has a ton of antioxidants, making it a perfect pre-workout or pre-hike blend.

I have a hard time drinking regular coffee these days since I quit drinking it right after I graduated from college, which was over 3 years ago now. Whenever I would drink coffee, I would get incredibly jittery and anxious. When I tried mushroom coffee though, it balanced out all of the negative feelings of coffee and instead gave a boost of creative energy. Also, I used to get major headaches if I skipped a day without coffee, but with mushroom coffee, I can skip a day without that unpleasant side effect – I do miss the taste when I skip a day, though!

So, does it have caffeine in it?

Yes, it does, but not as much as a traditional cup of coffee. The packets I use contain 50mg of caffeine, compared to the 95-200mg in a cup of regular coffee. Having less caffeine helps eliminates those jitters/anxiety that I mentioned earlier!

What is the drink that you make every morning?

It’s my Mushroom Coffee Mocha, AKA probably my favorite drink ever. I whipped it up one morning when I first tried mushroom coffee and have been hooked ever since. It keeps me full for a couple of hours and gives me tons of creative energy to get work done. Oh, and it is so, so delicious.

If I’m using the packet, I use a mix of half dairy-free milk/half water. When I’m using the ground coffee blend (most of the time), I brew the coffee in a French Press and use as much milk as I feel like that day.

To measure, I just fill the mug that I’m going to be using with the liquids. I’m usually using almond milk, oat milk, or a homemade nut or seed milk. I heat that until steaming in the microwave and add it to my Vitamix with the mushroom coffee I’m using that day, 1 teaspoon cacao powder, a few discs of Sunfood Cacao Butter, a couple shakes of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon plant-based collagen, and 1/2 teaspoon Manuka honey.

I blend it up for a minute or so until it’s super frothy. Then I crank the music, and film myself pouring it into one of my mugs for my Instagram story :)

Back up – what is plant-based collagen? How does that work?

Since I’ve cut animal products out of my diet for the most part (obviously honey is an exception), I wanted to replace my animal collagen with a plant-based alternative and two awesome brands came through – my favorites are Anima Mundi and Copina Co. If you want flavored, Copina Co. is the way to go – their chocolate flavor is fantastic.

They both have an herb-based collagen booster that helps stimulate collagen production in your body by boosting the body’s collagen receptors. Anima Mundi has a wonderful post on their site all about plant-based collagen and how it works, so head over here to read that post.

Where should I get everything.

I get the majority of the ingredients for my mushroom coffee from Thrive Market. Thrive has so many of my favorite pantry staples so I’m always ordering from there anyway. It’s easy enough to add all of my mushroom coffee goodies to the order. I’ve been mentioning them throughout the post, but I’ll link to all of the ingredients that I use here for easy reference.

I occasionally add these other favorites, but I don’t use them every morning.

    – will usually skip the honey + cacao with this one since it already has cacao and coconut sugar in it – when I want it super chocolatey, I’ll skip the cacao powder + cacao butter and add about a tablespoon of this instead

I bet while you’re on Thrive ordering all these goodies, you’ll find so many more items you love too! They have so much great stuff to try, my orders always get a little bit out of hand and I end up with all the goods.

Leaving my go-to recipe just below! So many of you have tried it and love it as I do, and that makes me so happy. If you’re more of a tea person, check out my Vegan Chai Latte recipe. Be sure to tag me on Instagram @bakeritablog and let me know how you like it if you give it a try! Also, feel free to leave any more questions in the comments or send them to me, and I’ll update the post to answer anything I might’ve missed. Love you guys! xoxox

Thank you to my wonderful friend Tiffany Le for taking these photos!