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Jumari with onions

Jumari with onions

The pork tenderloin is cut into small cubes, which are fried in the multicooker bowl in which we previously pour 50 ml of oil. Sprinkle coarse salt over the pieces of meat and add 100 ml of water.

We start the multicooker on the bake program at 180 degrees, cover and leave for 30 minutes, until the meat starts to leave lard. After 30 minutes, add the onion slices, fix the appliance on the fry program and let the scallops fry with the lid open, stirring occasionally for even frying.

When they are red, they are removed in another bowl, draining the fat well. Serve hot or cold, with an onion next to it.

Jumari with green onions

Jumari with green onions from: eggs, butter, green onions, salt, pepper.


Method of preparation:

Put the butter with the finely chopped green onion stalks on the fire and, when the butter has boiled well, pour in the beaten eggs and stir constantly.

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Boil 8 eggs in cold water. From the moment they start to boil, it takes 6 minutes. In parallel, prepare a quick mayonnaise of 2 egg yolks, 2 tablespoons of mustard (not teaspoons) and 150 ml of sunflower oil.

Finely chop the red onions (or white, green, leek… you have on hand).

Mix the mayonnaise with the onion. Mayonnaise needs a certain amount of time to "make friends" with red onions. The sooner, the better.

Peel the boiled eggs and cut into circular slices. Put the egg slices in the bowl with mayonnaise and onions and mix gently so that they do not crumble.

For decoration, cut 2-3 radishes into thin slices and chop a green onion tail. Sprinkle over salad and serve with toast.

Beet caviar with garlic

I want to invite you to cook those known and loved by many vegetable snacks During the half-season and winter periods, the body suffers from a lack of vitamins obtained from vegetables and fruits. Therefore, it is important to try to "grow" at least some vitamins. Why not use beets for help? Beet caviar is a very popular dish and is usually made with mayonnaise. During Lent, you can, of course, make it with light mayonnaise. But for this dish to be as healthy and dietary as possible - season with a small amount of vegetable oil and tomato paste.
Cooking such caviar is easy, the lion's share of time is taken by cooking a vegetable.
The time to cook beet caviar with garlic is 90 minutes. The recipe for beet caviar with garlic is administered in 3 portions.

- beets (medium) - 2-3 pieces,
- onion (large) - 1 piece,
- tomato paste - 1 tbsp,
- garlic - 2 cloves,
- citric acid - on the tip of a knife,
- vegetable oil - 1 teaspoon,
- greenery (any) - 2-3 branches,
- salt - 1/2 teaspoon,
- sugar - 1/2 teaspoon.

First, wash the beets well, three. You can use a stiff brush or cloth. You do not have to touch the tail and the root, otherwise the beets will & bdquoda & rdquo all the juice and sweetness of the water in which they are cooked. Tasteless beets will ruin the whole idea. You need to boil the beets in 40-60 minutes. We check the availability as usual - we pierce the beets with the tip of a knife or a wooden brooch.

For beet caviar, you need onions. You can take 1 onion, but large, or 2 small. Peel and rinse the onion, then take a sharp knife and cut the onion into small cubes. To prevent onions from pinching the eyes, the knife should be periodically soaked in cold water.

The pan in which we will fry the onion must be greased with vegetable oil. Then heat and spread the onion. Fry over low heat for 3-5 minutes, stirring occasionally with a spatula.

After the beets are cooked, soak them in cold water for a while. Then peel and grate roughly. We change the greased beets into a convenient dish and pour the salted onion there. agitation.

Peel the garlic and pass it through a special press. Or you can cut the garlic into small pieces. Add to a bowl of beets and mix.

The penultimate touch is to add salt, granulated sugar, citric acid and a tablespoon of tomato paste. Pasta can be replaced with homemade tomato juice. In this case, the caviar will prove to be a little watery, but no less tasty.

Now we take fresh herbs (dill, green onions, parsley), rinse everything under running water. Stir the excess water (or dried greens), finely chop.

Sprinkle with herbs, preferably just before serving. You can serve beet caviar with a meat dish or as an appetizer - spread on bread. In the section you will find many useful recipes Furs for winter, be sure to see!
Enjoy your meal!

Pogacele with jumari

Pogacele with jumari, traditional recipe. Pogacele with jumari, how are they made? Pies of tender dough, puff pastry, with jumari. Poor people, poor people with jumari.

In addition to other recipes for pork dishes, in our country in Banat and throughout Transylvania, the tradition requires that shortly after cutting the pork, the hostess to make pogăthose with scissors from greaves fresh . Well, it's like I already told you I cut pork, right? Well, I told you, when I turned his chop into a steak!

I just won't deviate from the traditions myself, will I? This year, cousin & # 8217 Miodrag took care of the melting of the scallops and made them wonderful. Well drained of fat, browned as much as necessary, crispy without being hard, what more, perfect! I took advantage of this wonderful benefit to prepare, therefore, my recipe for jumble with jumari which I will reveal to you in the following. Of course, you can prepare the scallops yourself, at home, following the simple recipe here.

Expert advice: Onion & # 8211 Food that can prevent heart problems and calm the nervous system

Onions have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, fluidizing the blood, to prevent the formation of blood clots, the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques and the appearance of a myocardial infarction. According to studies, onions contain a compound called allyl propyl disulfide, which, like insulin, helps regulate blood sugar levels.

It is helpful for those with high blood sugar or diabetes due to its hypoglycemic effects. Also, onions have stimulating and calming effects on the nervous system, thus stimulating the liver and kidneys, having a diuretic action that helps eliminate urea and chlorides. Onions are beneficial in case of: hoarseness, cough, edema, ascites, cirrhosis, pleurisy, pericarditis, prostatitis, prostate adenoma.

Due to its antiseptic properties, it can also be used externally in case of: stomatitis, mouth sores, boils, abscesses, panaritium, warts, freckles, skin ulcers, frostbite, insect bites. Apply locally ripe onions or in the form of juice 3-4 times a day.

Method of administration: Ovid Bojor recommends eating 1-2 onions a day.

Or you can take onion tincture, prepared at home: cut 2 small onions into slices and soak in 100 ml of 70 degree alcohol. Leave for 10 days, then strain and take 2 teaspoons a day, with a little water, before lunch and dinner. In case of prostatitis and type 2 diabetes, cure for 10 days, for 6 months.

In case of cough, laryngitis, bronchitis, drink a decoction of 4-6 onions boiled in a liter of water, sweetened with honey, 1-2 cups a day. In case of biliary disorders, put 1-2 onions to soak in 100 ml of olive oil and take 2-3 teaspoons a day.

Blood pressure - whether eaten raw or boiled, onions help lower blood pressure naturally. Helps to thin the blood, dissolve blood clots and cleanse the blood of unhealthy fats.

Cholesterol - eating half a raw onion every day will lower bad cholesterol levels, fade thrombosis and prevent heart attacks.

Prevention of colon cancer - fructo-oligosaccharides in onions stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the colon and help reduce the risk of tumor growth that could develop in the colon.

Constipation and flatulence - to relieve chronic constipation and flatulence, eat onions in abundance.

Diabetes - the chromium in the onion composite maintains the health of people with diabetes, helps lower insulin levels and increases glucose tolerance.

Diuretic and blood cleansing properties - onions prevent water retention, help remove sand from urine, relieve gout and arthritis.

Ear disorders - to stop tinnitus, in some cultures a little cotton wool soaked in onion juice is inserted into the ear.
Hair Loss - Research has shown that onion juice applied to the scalp twice a week for two months leads to hair regeneration.

Immune booster - onions intensify blood circulation and stimulate sweating. It is useful in cold weather to remove infections, reduces fever and sweating manifested in colds and flu.

Here's how easy it is to prepare this recipe for biscuits appetizer with jumari!

I also specified in other recipes, I like this guarantee for leavened dough, from Dr. Oetker, because it combines baking powder with yeast and baking soda. And the dishes come out very tender and should not be left to rise for more than 15 minutes.
We get a dough that is not very firm, but non-sticky, which we put in the fridge for 15 minutes, then form balls the size of a tennis ball.

We stretch the spheres in a round shape the size of the waffle / waffle maker. We place them inside the appliance and bake them for two minutes each, or depending on the strength of the appliance, as long as they are nicely browned.

To make sure they are well cooked, I tested the first one.
They are served as appetizers, either simple with a cup of yogurt, or why not spread with various cream cheeses.

These appetizer biscuits with jumari, are very good both hot and cold and especially the next day they are better.
I hope you find my recipe for appetizer biscuits with jumari useful!

You can also follow my recipes on the page Facebook, but I am waiting for you with culinary surprises and on Instagram.


We usually prepare the jumari pasta with what we have left in the fridge after the holidays. A special appetizer, a unique and tasty taste, as you would hardly imagine that it results from so few ingredients and so easy to prepare.

There are not too many, but not too few scallops left in the fridge and as if they were transformed into the most common cream with which we grease a few slices of toast (if possible that they are also greased with a clove of garlic as soon as they we take it from the grill or from the toaster we get a real treat).

I don't even know if I can call the recipe what I present below. To put a few pieces of scallops with onion and mustard in a blender is somehow the banality transformed into art on bread. The result is a kind of pate, a cream that can be fine, but it seems better if it remains completely untouched pieces.

This simple taste has conquered generations of Romanians.

Pork cutting in the Romanian household is something we have left in our roots and history. From the melted bacon people made lard and jumari. Many grew up with meat kept in a lard jar, with homemade sausages and sausages prepared according to their own recipes. Many today buy them, do not have the time or opportunities to make them at home. I would say that there are many generations that have passed on the traditions and recipes of their parents and grandparents. After all, these are also our heritage.

Jumars are those simple appetizers, not missing from the table of Romanians for Christmas. The red and crunchy dishes of bacon with meat are the stars of a transformation into a spreadable pasta that can be eaten both for breakfast and as an appetizer. If you haven't prepared them yet, find the recipe here.

If you do not have time to make jumari you can definitely buy from any supermarket.

Fortunately, you can't eat enough of this cream. A slice or two of lust and that's it! We leave for tomorrow, no matter how much we like it. What is left can be stored in a jar in the refrigerator.

In the end, a cup of brandy (or tuica) would work, because in winter without frost and a tuica fiarta it seems to have no charm.

The weather was announcing that the snow was coming back. Zau if I care. The child is on vacation, I don't have to leave the house, so I pampered myself with a few slices of jumari paste, my mother boiled the palica, so we sat down at the table. And we invite you too.

I leave below some indications and I am waiting for your impressions if you prepare jumari pasta, as I did.


1 very small red onion or 1/2 medium red onion

1 teaspoon warped mustard & # 8211 20 g

1 teaspoon spicy paprika

salt and freshly ground pepper / to taste

We put the scallops in a mixer / food processor. Add chopped onion, freshly ground pepper and a little salt. In general, the scallops are salty, we can not add salt at all.

Add the mustard and start mixing. We stop from time to time and remove the paste from the walls of the vessel. We insist until we get what we want. We can make a very fine paste, but the one with a few untouched pieces is much better. In the absence of a mixer / robot / blender, we can use a meat grinder. My mother used to do them like that.

Grease the slices of bread with jumari paste. We can eat them decorated with parsley, red onions, pickles or pickles.

If you like to share your recipes, I look forward to seeing you in the group I cook with friends.

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