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Tokyo Police Bust Curry-Serving Prostitution Ring

Tokyo Police Bust Curry-Serving Prostitution Ring

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Police say the brothel was letting people eat curry off naked women


Police in Tokyo say they've busted a high-rolling Shibuya prostitution ring that let customers eat curry off naked women's bodies.

Police in Tokyo say they’ve recently busted a high-rolling prostitution ring in the city’s Shibuya district, and it sounds like it was a very messy deal, because one of the organization’s alleged services was serving curry and rice on top of naked women.

According to Sora News 24, Tokyo police say they busted a prostitution ring going by the name Scandal and arrested eight people for offering sexual services including a dining format where customers could eat curry and rice off a naked woman’s body.

It’s not clear how Scandal got the idea of serving curry on naked women. Many people have heard of the idea of serving sushi on naked women, but that at least seems to make sense according to the laws of physics. Sushi is neat, cold, self-contained, and easy to eat with one’s hands or chopsticks, so laying them out on a person’s body would not be particularly difficult or messy.

Japanese curry, on the other hand, is soupy and full of chunks of meat and vegetables, so it’s not exactly clear how the brothel was serving curry on top of naked women. It would be difficult to keep curry from sliding off if it was just poured directly onto a woman, and the curry couldn’t possibly have been served very hot in that case.

Unfortunately for the curious public of the world, Tokyo police did not go into detail about how exactly the prostitution was preparing or plating its curry, so everyone will just have to use their imaginations.

The police did say that the prostitution ring was not just offering the curry service. It was also doing regular, non-food-related prostitution like arranging for sex workers to visit clients’ hotel rooms. The ring reportedly earned about $8.1 million through its various services.

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